NVIDIA GeForce Experience

NVIDIA GeForce Experience is Nvidia’s software for managing drivers and optimizing settings for Nvidia-based graphics cards across many games.

It often updates itself automatically to reflect new optimizations and settings changes, and offers a variety of features:

ShadowPlay – opt-in beta feature, Nvidia hardware encoding of your gameplay at up to 3840×2160/60fps using Nvidia GeForce experience and enabling Nvidia shadowplay in the Nvidia GeForce experience application profile (shadowplay requires Nvidia GeForce 600 series or newer), as well as manual start/stop recording; upon detecting any serious stutter it can compensate by pausing recording until the action resumes; supports live streaming via Twitch.tv if you use their paid services and Nvidia GeForce experience

Nvidia nvlink – opt-in beta feature, uses Nvidia Optimus/battery boost technology to combine video signals from an Nvidia GPU and an intel iGPU for maximum power efficiency; requires Nvidia Optimus laptop system and Nvidia GeForce 650m or higher CPU.

Battery Boost – allows you to set a framerate limit when on battery power with your Nvidia GPU (i.e. max framerate 43fps) for maximum power efficiency while maintaining decent performance; it is possible to override this with Nvidia inspector but not recommended since it can cause fps counter issues

Instant replay mode – enables instant replays using the dedicated hardware encoder built into Nvidia GeForce 600 series and newer Nvidia GPUs instead of the Nvidia GeForce experience link feature which is very slow; however, no link is required for Nvidia shadowplay

SLI – allows you to configure settings for multi-GPU systems

Nvidia 3D vision

Requires Nvidia 3d vision kit for use with Nvidia shutter glasses (3d monitors still work but not as well); can include a built-in IR emitter that plugs into your graphics card, otherwise, it uses Bluetooth to communicate with Nvidia shutter glasses.

Fps counter

Displays framerate information directly on screen by turning on/off an Nvidia overlay when needed

Overclocking using display hotkey

Nvidia GeForce experience allows you to overclock Nvidia graphics cards by using a display hotkey on your Nvidia GPU.

Nvidia Optimus technology –

only works on Nvidia Optimus laptop systems; uses either the Nvidia GPU or intel iGPU depending on which is most power-efficient, can switch dynamically depending on what you’re doing (gaming vs office productivity); requires an Nvidia Optimus system, Nvidia GeForce 650m or higher CPU, and Nvidia drivers

Color settings

Displays a customizable list of items for adjusting the color of various elements in games such as contrast, gamma correction, saturation levels, etc…