SSD VS HDD Gaming Experience

It is an age-old question, SSD or HDD?😂

Today I want to go over the difference between SSD’s and HDDs when it comes to gaming. First off SSD’s are much faster than HDDs for a multitude of reasons that would take up too much time to explain in this article.

SSD’s can instantly load into your games without having to wait for anything which is why they’re preferred by gamers because you get the quickest possible loading time for your games. Another thing SSD’s do better than HDDs is multitasking.

SSD users have a clear advantage over HDD users in gaming, browsing, music, etc… With all these qualities SSD’s have it only makes sense SSD’s would be the gaming drive of choice for gamers right? It goes without saying SSD’s are the best storage option to get if you’re a gamer.

Let me explain why HDDs work better than SSD’s when it comes to gaming. One, SSD’s can’t store enough games on them for gamers.

For higher storage such as playing pubg and GTA V, you can buy 1TB SSD but !!! When you see the price difference you will be shocked. In my opinion, you should use SSD and HDD combo if you are a full-time gamer!

You can also use an external HDD or SSD and play games on whenever you want but, as internal SSDs are getting much popular then you must buy a good one with good-caching memory.

HDDs are better for games than SSDs because they can store a lot of games on them. But an SSD cannot.

For instance, if you have an SSD with 256Gb and want to install 60 of your most favorite games on there you won’t be able to because SSD’s simply can’t hold that much information so they don’t work as a replacement for HDD’s in gaming terms.

If you have a 512GB SSD and only install 20 of your most favorite games on it then you’ll probably never run into the SSD’s storage limit but what are you going to do when you have 100 favorites games to play?

SSD’s are great for straight-up operating systems.

SSD’s will be your go-to drive if you want quick access times, multitasking, instant load times, etc… but straight-up gaming SSD’s aren’t that great because they can’t hold enough information.

Advantages of SSD VS HDD

HDD’s also had their advantages over SSD’s when it comes to gaming; HDD’s come in much larger capacities than SSD’s which means HDD users will always have more space for game installations than SSD users.

HDD prices are dropping every day and SSD’s prices so SSD gamers don’t have it so bad when it comes to SSD versus HDD prices.

SSD’s are great for sipping space when they’re official SSD caching drives which means you can use your SSD as a temporary storage drive for games that are in heavy rotation.

SSD VS HDD Caching for Gaming

SSD caching is explained further in the article but basically what SSD caching does is takes your most frequently used programs and puts them on the SSD which unlocks more space on the HDD side of things because you won’t need all that much room for sata3 drivers if you have an SSD caching drive for windows for example, but if not then you’ll need at least 120gb+ of free space with no less than 128GB because windows alone will take up around 30GB. SSD’s are the only option for gaming if you’re looking for speed, but SSD’s can’t hold enough games and SSD’s aren’t cheap when it comes to SSD versus HDD prices.

Wrapping Up

To sum everything up SSD drives are great for sipping space throughout your computer because sata3 drivers eat up a lot of room even though they’re tiny in size compared to HDD capacities, SSD’s work better than HDD’s when it comes to multitasking, instant load times, etc… but can’t hold as much information at once so gamers should stick with HDD’s. If you want more detailed explanations about anything I’ve mentioned above check out this wiki article about SSD caching drives, SSD’s, HDD’s, sata3 drives, etc.